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If you don't have a home to sell or don't need to buy a home right now, direct donations are always welcome. Please feel free to make a contribution at any time through their website:

Bringing learning to life through the arts!

In the early 1990's a group of leaders at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach became concerned about the trend to cut back on arts education in schools. Visual arts, dance and music programs were being slashed to balance budgets. The Council commissioned a study, funded in part by the MacArthur Foundation and the Chastain Charitable Foundation, to find a way to help fill the void.

CCE provides after-school and in school programming to more than 12,000 students every year who are considered "at risk." We also work with students in accelerated programs to help them achieve a new level of creative thought.  At our Center in West Palm Beach we offer art, education and culture to the community. We offer free art exhibitions in our Art Gallery and classes free to the community. 

The Center features a State of the Art digital theater, art gallery, classrooms, meeting rooms, exciting spaces for art instruction, art exhibits, performances, seminars and a base for community activities. 

Today, our Teaching Artists work with thousands of children in schools and after-school programs throughout the County, as well as at our Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please help us bring this kind of education to more children! Call us to learn more at 561-805-9927 or go to 

We are very proud to have close community ties to the local charitable organization, Center for Creatve Education.  A tax-deductible donation of 20% of our earned commission is made in your name, or a loved one's, to a charity of your choice at closing when you list or buy with us.



For More Details on our

Charitable Commission Program:

We have worked with many different charities over our 30+ year history in real estate and will always continue to do so.  We have donated money, time and talent and now have created this charitable program to go one step further.  For a list of charities to whom we donate through our Charitable Commission Program, please visit our North County Properties Gives Back page.   

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* Donations may be made to your own charity, but it must have the 501(c)(3) designation as a charitable organization by the IRS.  Donations are made as a commission rebate to you at closing that the title company is directed to send directly to your charity "from you." The charitable contribution tax deduction is yours. 

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